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      Eco-Chic and Durable – Perfect for Sustainable Living.

      Cashew Nut Bag

      Sustainable jute bag for lasting cashew nut freshness

      Cocoa Bag

      Eco-friendly jute bag for rich cocoa flavor preservation

      Coffee Bag

      Elegant, durable jute bag to keep coffee beans fresh and eco-friendly

      Hazel Nut Bag

      Eco-conscious jute bag for hazelnut freshness and quality

      Shea Nut Bag

      Durable jute bag for fresh, organic shea nuts

      Tote Bag

      Stylish, eco-friendly jute tote for daily essentials

      Wheat Bag

      Sustainable jute bag for optimal wheat freshness

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Let's Save The Earth
With Our Eco-friendly
Jute Goods

We are the leading jute goods manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Bangladesh. We export the right jute products throughout the whole world ensuring full satisfaction.

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Common is Boring

Why We Are Unique & Reliable?

We live on the same earth, but despite the way, we bring things, it is different. We just never bring goods that you want, we bring food-grade jute goods with an affordable deal!

Quality Assurance

The true measure of our quality depends on the effective requirements we meet every day.

Competitive Price

We are the most reliable jute goods manufacturer, supplier and exporter that provides the bulk amount of high-quality products at a competitive price.

Higher Capacity

Per day, We have the capacity to produce 40 tons of jute goods in each factory.

World Class Raw Materials

We love to explore eco-friendly things first! Jute fiber is the most significant, sustainable & reusable raw material that we supply worldwide.

Experience QC Team

At Imperial Jute you will get the most reliable QC team, who will ensure you the 100% premium quality and quick response to fulfill your needs.

Quick Shipment

Need things as quick as possible? At Imperial Jute, we care about the demand of each client, within on-time delivery.

Find Your Products

Insights of Our Featured Category

Struggling to find your products? To help you find your preferable product, we’ve put together a shortlist. Let’s check it out!

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Out Story

Imperial Jute is One of the Leading Jute Goods Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter.

We are the Leading Jute Goods Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter helps businesses stand worldwide with the best quality, eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable jute goods includes Sacks, Fabric, Yarn, Rope, Jute Tape and Others. Our dedicated and experienced team has the capability to reach you on time by fulfilling your needs.

We have a wide range of connections that make us unique to offer you 40 tons jute goods each day. We have a team of expert people in our quality control section who supervises strict quality control in honesty to the buyer’s specification.

Inviting you to send us a genuine quote on how can we help you further!

Get Your Favorite Jute Goods From Imperial Jute

We are offering a wide range of different colored, sizes and bulk quantities of jute goods at affordable prices. Let’s check the capability of supplying over 40 tons of jute goods each day ensuring great quality and design that must assure your needs!

Material Matters Most

Great Company Stay With Sustainable Concept, Are You The One?

Jute is an amazing fibre, it is incredibly sustainable and affordable. It comes from a vegetable plant and it has a lot of varieties, but they all have the same properties- long, soft and shiny fibres. Most of us know that jute fibre is also known as “Golden fiber”. Because of its amazing properties, durability and 100% eco-friendly, most businesses keep it as their first priority and designer regularly design new goods with a new formula using jute.

From home décor to huge manufactured product carry, Jute bag, Sacks and décor item takes incredible parts nowadays. Live on the earth using biodegradable material and save our earth, keeping the environment safe, clean, & fresh.

"Best Eco friendly product"

Glorious Life Span

Life Cycle Of "Golden Fiber"

Staying with the best quality jute never takes 2 minutes! It’s a vast process to find out healthy jute plants, cultivation and pick the way to bring good fibre and the life span is pretty impressive, recyclable and ensures ecological balance.

"Jute tree lifecycle"

Our Well-Grounded Work Process

Our approach to work begins with how our client keeps their trust in us. We plan effective and strategic ways to make the shortest way to fulfil your needs.

Step 1
Inquiry & Requirement Analysis

We will discuss and know the requirements emphasizing your needs, that's our first and foremost approach following our policy. A set of inquiries helps both to make decisions to work together.

Step 2
Price Negotiation

None other than in Imperial Jute, we always keep the promises to provide your desired jute goods at an affordable price. We consider every aspect when we are in the stage of price negotiation with our to-be client.

Step 3
PI (Proforma Invoice Issued by Seller)

A proforma invoice can be issued to let the buyer know what exactly to expect from the seller. Our PI bill of sale will send to buyers describing a shipment of goods.

Step 4
Purchase Contact Issued by Buyer

A purchase order is issued by the buyer (or client) at the start of a business transaction. It documents the client's expectations in regard to products. We always keep our communication transparent.

Step 5

After processing everything perfectly we expect the payment will be clear by the buyer. When we communicate in detail, we will let you know about the payment acceptance policy.

Step 6

We ship jute goods worldwide. We work with the most reliable delivery process that ensures your products are delivered on time and safely.

We Bring Ecological Footprint For You

Our Earth Needs your help. Are you ready for that? Let’s build sustainable earth using a jute bag over a Green Poly.

Harvest Period

Jute is one of the best natural, eco-friendly fibres that is directly grown from the earth. one hectare of jute plant can absorb up to 15 tons of carbon dioxide and in return releases 11 tons of oxygen during a season which is about 100 days.

Fine Woven

Jute fabric is retted and woven by farmers, it requires less energy to process than a poly bag, which is not even eco-friendly.


Jute industry supports more than 5 million people regions on earth and it sews amazingly by hand, personalized & Unique.


Jute bags are 100% eco-friendly and once it degraded, it gives back the natural nutrients on earth.


As jute fabric or fibre is reuseable it sells internationally. 1 jute bag replaces 600 single-use plastic bags.


Recycling jute helps to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, which can help to conserve natural resources and reduce pollution

Product We Can Provide

Detailed Insight of Our Most Popular Products

Use of Jute bags and jute products instead of plastics may help prevent toxic wastage. Let’s make a quick visit to the best quality jute goods of jute products exporter in Bangladesh.

Browse Through Our Factory Productions

Have a look at the product you must pick for your business. As the best jute products manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Bangladesh and leading jute goods supplier, we help you find quality jute products anytime from anywhere.

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