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Imperial Jute is a leading jute goods exporter and trading agency of jute bags, jute tape, fabrics, yarn,  ropes and many more. We are committed to providing eco-friendly and quality jute products worldwide.

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Imperial Jute

Who We Are?

Count us as a giant source of jute products who can bring everything you need on a daily purpose. Big shipment with grain and foods? We can provide you with export-quality biodegradable jute bags, fabrics, Yarn, ropes and maybe more! With over 8 years of experience, we are leading internationally. We had an idea to keep our environment more sustainable and here we come to overcome the biggest challenge. We have a pool of skilled people who can bring the best response online, manage the huge shipment and deliver them on time. Quality jute product within the shortest period of delivery is our main motto as a leading jute goods exporter in Bangladesh. Imperial Jute is committed to developing the food-grade jute bag and creating an ecologically sustainable future.

Service We Provide

What We Do?

We are the most reliable jute goods provider worldwide and we export high-quality Jute Hessian Cloths, Jute Bags, Jute Sacks, Gunny Bags, Jute Yarn, Jute Twine, and Jute Tape, Jute rope on demand. The capabilities to fulfill your demand on time are uncountable. Over 40 tons of production per day and offering the cost-effective, food-grade jute product is a huge process that we can complete in your expected time. Need more to know about us? let’s make a quick contact to know more about the Giant Trading Agency of Jute products In Imperial Jute.

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Looking For Bulk Quantity of Jute Goods at Competitive Price?

We are offering a wide range of different colored, sizes and bulk quantities of jute goods at affordable prices. Let’s check the capability of supplying over 40 tons jute goods each day ensuring best quality and design that must assure your needs!


Eco Friendly Future

The Best Natural Jute Twine for Binding and Wrapping Materials

Jute twine is a natural vegetable fiber twine; it’s smooth, biodegradable, and recyclable fiber. Known as hemp twine, primarily used in the arts and crafts industry with some fashion applications, display industries, and wall treatments advertising. Jute twine is excellent for a variety of crafts, packaging, wrapping, and bundles as well. Its versatility and organic look due to its softer make it an excellent choice for that eco-friendly application.

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