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      Eco-Chic and Durable – Perfect for Sustainable Living.

      Cashew Nut Bag

      Sustainable jute bag for lasting cashew nut freshness

      Cocoa Bag

      Eco-friendly jute bag for rich cocoa flavor preservation

      Coffee Bag

      Elegant, durable jute bag to keep coffee beans fresh and eco-friendly

      Hazel Nut Bag

      Eco-conscious jute bag for hazelnut freshness and quality

      Shea Nut Bag

      Durable jute bag for fresh, organic shea nuts

      Tote Bag

      Stylish, eco-friendly jute tote for daily essentials

      Wheat Bag

      Sustainable jute bag for optimal wheat freshness

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Our Sample Policy 2023 | Imperial Jute

Imperial Jute is a leading jute goods manufacturer, supplier and exporter, offering a variety of products such as woven bags, ties, fabrics, yarn and more. These exquisite items have been handpicked to ensure they’re eco-friendly and crafted with quality materials.

Lead Time: Sample Lead time required Usually within 3~7 days
Sample Fee: Sample is FREE, but for Shipping, We will charge
$100 for the samples

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